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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 


The following are the Terms and Conditions of Lama Issa Art. All sales are subject to these terms.

Please read these carefully before placing any order or request for purchase. All artworks sold are subject to the following –

1. Prices –

Original artwork on this website are priced, shown as sold, reserved, or not for sale (NFS).

For artworks that are not showing price please request it from me and and any other details.

Prices (in GB£) given are for the artwork, including framing (if framed), unless stated, but do not include shipping and insurance costs. There is no VAT payable.

If buying from outside of the UK please check if any import or other taxes are applicable. The buyer is solely responsible for these.

Please note, some artworks may have been reserved before this website has been updated.

Also, some images on this site are for presentation/reference only and actual paintings may not be shown to scale.

Please check sizes carefully before deciding to place your order.

2. Buying –

If you would like to purchase an original artwork you can request to reserve it. All reservations are by approval.

You can request to reserve a piece by telephone or email. This reservation holds the artwork for up to 14 days.

When making your reservation you can confirm any requirements you may have for framing, etc.

The estimated costs of packing, shipping and insurance will be provided and agreed with you.

You will receive a confirmation email of your reservation, together with a pro-forma invoice.

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer (BACS or SWIFT for international buyers). 

Credit Card or PayPal payments can be accepted but may incur an aditional charge.

All details will be supplied on the invoice. And a Bill of Sale will be provided with the artwork.

Once payment is accepted you will receive a confirmation email and estimated delivery time.

Once dispatched, you will receive a final email confirming this and estimated date of delivery.

Please note, where an artwork has been reserved, if no payment is received after 14 days, the reservation may be cancelled and the artwork will be relisted in the Portfolio as available to purchase.

3. Shipping –

Packing and shipping costs are based on a number of factors; size, weight, framed/unframed, destination, insurance, etc.

Artworks can be collected in person from the Studio by appointment. Large or more valuable artworks can be personally delivered, by arrangement.

All artworks, including Limited Edition Prints, are packed to provide the best possible level of protection, within reason.

Every artwork is checked fully before packing and dispatch to ensure the piece is undamaged.

All items dispatched are tracked. However, once dispatched the courier or shipping company is responsible for the artwork.

You can choose additional insurance for your artwork. If so, please request this at the time of ordering.

If your order arrives and appears damaged before opening, please ensure you do the following:

a) take photos of the damage to the outside of the packaging before opening it

b) take photos of any damage to the artwork inside the package

Where a courier is responsible for damage in transit you should lodge a complaint with them and notify the Artist.

The Artist does not accept damage in transit caused by couriers (but will assist you with a claim, where possible).

4. Limited Edition Prints –

Prints supplied on stretched canvas will be packed and shipped exactly as an original oil painting would be.

Prints supplied on Fine Art Paper are normally packed flat. 

5. Guarantee –

All artworks supplied by the Artist are covered by a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. This covers the artwork cost only, not shipping costs.

If, for any reason, you do not wish to keep the artwork you receive, you should email me stating your reasons for wishing to return it.

The 14 day guarantee starts from the confirmed date of delivery. Successful guarantee claims are paid within 14 days of confirmation.

If you are returning the artwork as you believe it was damaged before shipping, you will be asked to supply photographic evidence of the unopened packaging.

When you open your package please be very careful not to damage the artwork inside. Do not use sharp knives or blades to open the packaging.

When unpacked please ensure you handle the artwork carefully. Stretch canvas oil paintings can easily be damaged by sharp objects, etc.

Important – if returning an artwork and requesting a refund under this guarantee, you must return the piece in the same condition it was sent.

Artworks that are returned damaged or marked, accidentally or as a result of poor repacking may not be eligible for a full refund. If in any doubt please contact before returning.

If returning an artwork you are responsible for ensuring that the packing is sufficient to provide adequate protection. Please note; paintings on stretched canvas in particular are at risk of damage if not correctly packed. Call for advice.

When you have your new artwork – Ideally, hang or display your new artwork as soon as possible, or if not, ensure it is stored safely and carefully (guidance on this can be provided)

If you accidentally damage your artwork please contact the Artist, we will do everything we can to help.

6. Copyright –

All copyright on all original artworks produced is retained by the Artist, Lama Issa.

Of course, you are very welcome to share photographs of your new artwork with friends. However photographs of artworks may not be used for any commercial purposes, unless by express prior written consent of the artist.

You are not permitted to make reproductions of any original artworks by the Artist, unless by express prior written consent of the Artist.

All photographs (and written content) on this website are protected by copyright of Lama Issa.

Unauthorised commercial use of any artwork images contained on this website will be subject to the Fee Schedule contained in the Privacy Statement of this website.

7. Commissions & Art For Hire –

Additional terms and conditions apply for Commissioned artworks and Art for Hire or Rent.

When Commissioning an artwork by Lama Issa, there are some important things to be aware of.

All Commissions are on approval only. Lama will only undertake Commissions he feels are right for him and his style of work.

There are no additional charges or premiums for Commissioned Artworks, they are priced using the same formula as for Portfolio works in the Gallery.

There are no Gallery or Agent’s commissions to pay, as you’re Commissioning the Artist directly. Galleries and Agents normally charge between 30-50%

All Commissions require a 25% Deposit Payment. This is fully refundable in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the final work.

Once you’ve viewed your finished Commissioned Artwork and approved it, you will then be invoiced for the final balance of payment.

The balance of payment must be settled before any Commissioned Artwork can be collected or delivered.

The copyright of your Commission always belongs to the Artist. You may not produce reproductions of the artwork.

You are, of course, at full liberty to sell or gift your Commissioned Artwork at any point in the future. 

The Artist reserves the right to produce Limited Edition Fine Art Prints from your Commissioned work.

Art For Hire or Rent. Full information and separate Terms and Conditions are available on request; please contact the Artist for personal attention and consultation.

If you require any clarification on these Terms and Conditions, please email your request or questions to us.

NB. By using this website you are agreeing to terms and conditions set out in the Privacy Policy & Copyright Statement

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