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Johnson's Island Open Weekend
Johnson's Island Artists 
24-26 November 2023



I am a London-based artist with a unique blend of Syrian and Greek roots, who has embraced art as a self-taught talent.  My creative vision draws endless inspiration from untouched and wild landscapes, the wonders of nature, the sky and clouds, and breathtaking sunsets.

My canvas becomes a portal to the serene and ethereal realm of nature. I strive to capture the very essence of the world around us, focusing my creative energy on mist, the clouds, and the boundless expanse of the sky.

The mystique of mist, as it shrouds landscapes, inspires me to explore the delicate balance between what is revealed and what remains hidden. The way clouds dance across the sky, casting shadows and creating forms, is a constant reminder of the fleeting nature of life. And the sky itself, a canvas of endless possibilities, holds my fascination as I capture its hues, from dawn's delicate pastels to dusk's fiery tones.

Through my paintings, I aim to evoke emotions and stir a connection to the world we often overlook in our busy lives. Each brushstroke is a gesture of reverence for the intricate beauty that exists all around us. As an artist, I aim to allow viewers to momentarily step into the landscapes I've created and experience the tranquility and awe of nature's wonders.

Art originals for sale.

Please contact me directly for commissions.

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