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The "Moody Sky" painting...

Painting mountains has become one of my most cherished activities. On one occasion, a psychologist enlightened me with the notion that painting mountains signifies an awakening. She described them as symbolic dragons, representing the stirring of something deep within oneself—perhaps the awakening of the unconscious.

While I am passionate about using vibrant and dramatic colors in my art, I have recently felt an inclination to explore darker tones. I find immense joy in creating a misty ambiance and atmospheric effects in my paintings.

I enjoy the process of mixing my own colors, as it allows me to experiment and discover new hues. It also deepens my understanding of color theory. With this particular painting, I began by focusing on the foreground and gradually added brighter and darker elements to the sky. In addition to traditional paintbrushes, I employ unconventional tools such as sponges and knives, which lend a unique effect to my artwork.

I devote considerable attention to the foreground, paying special heed to the clouds through various stages, utilizing layering techniques. By allowing each layer to dry before proceeding, I can add depth to the painting by incorporating additional light and shadows, thereby creating a captivating three-dimensional effect. Subsequently, I meticulously depict the mountains, ensuring the inclusion of intricate details that accentuate their curves and contours.

In the final stages, I enhance the clouds by adding more volume and light, while also introducing a touch of mist throughout the painting to evoke a chilly, ethereal atmosphere.

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